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Paulina Oduro reveals why she has not had sex for 10 years

Paulina OduroHighlife songstress and actress, Paulina Oduro has revealed why she has lived without having any sexual intercourse for the past ten years.

The talent show judge and stage performer is not having unnecessary sex because she cannot stand Ghanaian men who constantly lie for almost everything including sex. It makes her uncomfortable.

Paulina believes at her age, she’s satisfied without a man even though many have different views. “I have a lot of things to do than to have sex,” she says.

Ms Oduro also noted while speaking with with Deloris Frimpong Manso that her decision to be more interested in foreign men is due to the fact that she grew up around more Caribbean men than Ghanaian men. Ghanaian men were not part of her youthful age.

She has so far dated foreign men from Jamaica and the Dominican Republic as well as a Ghanaian man whom she has a child with but she truly believes marriage wasn’t meant for her.

“One thing I have noticed about Ghanaian men; they have to learn not to lie. They have to be straight forward and stop controlling their women like they don’t have a choice,” she remarked.

Meanwhile she has also responded to those who tag as her is a homosexual. Many have said that she’s a lesbian hence the reason all her relationships failed but she has refuted the claims calling her naysayers stupid.

“Anyone who believes that I’m a lesbian is stupid. It is just stupid to say I’m a lesbian. God created Adam and Eve and not Adam and Adam.” She added “for ten years, I have not been with a man and have not engaged in sexual intercourse because I’m okay and satisfied.”

Paulina Oduro was speaking on “The Delay Show”. Watch the full interview below.


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