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Watch Bisa K’dei and Camidoh in the Official Video for “Complete Man”

Bisa Kdei feat Camidoh - Complete ManHighlife maestro Bisa Kdei has unveiled a heartfelt video for his sensational hit, “Complete Man,” featuring the “Sugarcane” hitmaker, Camidoh.

The “Complete Man” track, a standout from the “Original” album, is currently winning the hearts of music aficionados with its comforting lyrics.

In this ongoing musical collaboration, Bisa Kdei and Camidoh are seamlessly blending their voices in a series of enchanting duets, evoking love and emotional vibes within a meticulously crafted highlife rhythm.

The ongoing “Complete Man” music video skillfully showcases captivating scenes of Bisa Kdei embarking on a romantic journey through a forest alongside a female character.

The video’s current ambience is truly breathtaking, capturing the essence of waterfalls, majestic mountains, and a tranquil countryside vibe.

Camidoh is currently making a memorable appearance in the ongoing music video, delivering astounding vocals in perfect harmony with the visuals, all under the expert direction of Yaw Skyface.

Produced by Apya, the song expertly weaves the timeless sound of 90’s highlife with contemporary instruments, resulting in a captivating rhythm that transcends eras. “Complete Man” is not only a present musical delight but also an ongoing visual masterpiece, painting a vivid picture of love, nature, and the timeless beauty of a well-crafted Highlife composition.


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