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How to add lyrics to your Instagram story

InstagramIf you’ve got an Instagram account as an artist and you haven’t started utilizing the Stories feature yet, now is the perfect time! Stories are a fantastic way to keep fans updated with what you’re up to, share new music, and overall build your personality and voice on social media.

Sharing lyrics with your Instagram story is easy! Instagram provided some step by step directions below:Instagram

  • Once in “Story” mode, add lyrics by selecting the ‘music’ sticker from the sticker tray after taking your photo or video.
  • Choose a song and use the scrubber tool to select the part of the song that best captures the moment you’re sharing. The scrubber will also enable you to find the lyrics of the exact part of the song you want.
  • Pick between different lyrics, animations, font designs and colors. Move, resize and rotate the lyrics to share your story.
  • Fans that watch your story will see the lyrics pop up as the music plays. When they tap on the lyrics, they’ll see a sticker with the song title and artist name that links to the artist’s Instagram profile.

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