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DJ Lord OTB’s Amapiano Mix Honors South Africa-Ghana Connection

DJ Lord Amapiano Mix South Africa and Ghana have just made a heartwarming move that’s bound to bring people closer. Starting from November 1, 2023, they’ve decided to give ordinary passport holders from both countries the wonderful opportunity to visit and stay for up to 90 days each year, without needing a visa.

It’s like extending a warm welcome to friends and family, making it easier for folks to explore each other’s beautiful lands and cultures. So, whether you’re dreaming of the vibrant streets of Accra or the stunning landscapes of South Africa, this exciting news is about fostering connections and building lasting memories.

Amapiano is undoubtedly one of the biggest music genres in Africa now. Originating from South Africa, the drum-heavy sound that has shifted Gqom to the side has since become a mayhem across Africa.

Renowned Ghanaian DJ Lord OTB pursues his love for the genre with the fourth installment under the flagship mixtape ‘Piano & Chills’ He compiles some of the best amapiano bops from South Africa and fuses them together in this beautifully carved body of work.

Listen to ‘Piano & Chills EP. 04’ here: https://tr.ee/-NO6PXqjVx or DOWNLOAD



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