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Epixode shares Ghanaian tales with ‘O’bra’ featuring Santrofi

Epixode shares Ghanaian tales with 'O'bra' featuring SantrofiFollowing the triumphant reception of “Atia,” which has solidified its position as the fresh face and sound of contemporary Highlife, Epixode is actively gearing up to launch another masterpiece titled “O’bra (Onyame Bra).”

This song embodies the essence of typical Ghanaian Sikyi Highlife, seamlessly blending traditional elements with a modern twist. A notable feature is the collaboration with the well-traveled Ghanaian band, SANTROFI, adding a unique flavor to the composition.

“O’bra” stands out as a melodious and relatable live-recorded highlife gem, shedding light on the daily struggles faced by the less fortunate, encompassing themes of rejection, hardship, disregard, and unfulfilled dreams. Through inspirational lyrics, it serves as a poignant representation of the poor man’s unwavering trust in God during challenging times.

Epixode’s decision to release this highlife masterpiece is not merely a strategic move but also a heartfelt dedication to honouring and preserving the rich legacy of highlife music. This marks a significant milestone in Epixode’s steadily evolving career over the past few years.

In alignment with his pre-promotional strategy, Epixode is actively unveiling a mini-documentary, showcasing the faces of the Ghana music industry. This move aims to provide a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the making of “O’bra” and further engage the audience in the musical journey.

“O’bra” is not just a song; it’s a representation of Ghanaian music, a celebration of Highlife, and a narrative that echoes the stories of the average Ghanaian. Considered a must-listen tune, “O’bra” promises to captivate audiences with its soulful resonance and cultural significance. Stay tuned for this musical revelation that transcends genres and speaks to the heart of every listener.


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