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Mr P To Assert His Dominance With New Album, The Prodigal

Mr P The ProdigalFormidable Nigerian singer and actor Peter Okoye now known as Mr P, continues to add tiny details to his yet-to-be released album, The Prodigal, which was first hinted in 2019.

The former member of the defunct popular group, Psquare, took to his Twitter page to share his readiness for the album’s release. This is an effort to sustain his music career since he once revealed he has been aging backwards since becoming a solo artist.

He as beginning to loose his most valuable asset.

Mr P took a break from the music to focus more on his new love, a lottery business but appears to have been making music for his fans on the low. An attempt to also, possibly, surprise his naysayers in the second coming.

“The Prodigal” album might be a good comeback for the Psquare brother as it’s set to stamp his dominance once again in the West African music space while pivoting him to compete for Africa once again. What may interest listeners the most could be how to connect the album title to the tracks and maybe the riddims.

For once we’re to expect songs on the album talking about misusing of resources, reckless lifestyle and perhaps the wastefully extravagant days of the artist and people he came into contact with.

On “The Prodigal”, love, family, friends, teammates and everyone is getting a share of the music cake when the date of the album release is finally announced.

“It’s 4:25am here! History is about to be made! Putting the name “MR P” on that very Map !…. Trust me they never saw it coming… THE PRODIGAL ALBUM Loading…. It’s worth the Bragging !” he said in an earlier tweet on Tuesday.Mr P Asserts His Dominance With New Album ‘The Prodigal’


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