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Cee Boo Drops New Music Video, As The Seasons Change

As The Seasons ChangeSouth African versatile, cross-over artist, Cee Boo whose lilting and honey raw voice wafts swiftly between afro-soul, RnB and house has released a new music video “As The Seasons Change” off her “Breaking Dawn” album.

The album which caters for all ages, races and countries was released n 2019.

“The stars comin’ out to spread love across the sky, as we hold on to each others hearts, Cee Boo believes we need to stay in love and let nobody separate us, I will be right here, as the seasons change.”

Watch the video directed by Owen Jojo Oze below. Download Breaking Dawn Album Here




  1. Cee Boo July 19, 2020

    Good Morning Family. I’d like to thank you for this beautiful Piece you wrote on me. I am humbled by your embrace and grateful to have your full support ! I love NetBuzz radio!
    – Cee Boo

    1. Staff Writer July 20, 2020

      Thanks for the feedback 🙂


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