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DJ Khaled To Drop New Album, Khaled Khaled, This Friday

Khaled Khaled album DJ Khaled has recruited more besties for another record, Khaled Khaled. 

His 12th album will feature tracks from Jay-Z, Nas, Justin Timberlake, Meek Mill, and Justin Bieber. Khaled announced the release Wednesday with a massive Billboard and an all-caps social-media post. “ALBUM 100% DONE!,” they both read. “ITS TIME. I TOLD MY TEAM LETS PUSH THE BUTTON! #KHALEDKHALED THIS FRIDAY APRIL 30TH!”

Looking at how music has suddenly taken a back seat in several ways, much respect to this man for finishing an album and dropping it all in a timely manner.

Along with the cover, he revealed that his sons, 4-year-old Asahd Khaled and 1-year-old Aalam Khaled, executive-produced the album, explaining the title. The DJ, full name Khaled Khaled himself, has another surprise coming on Thursday. “One last thing, I know we said 100% but maybe we can get it to 101%,” he wrote on Instagram. Check out the tracklist below.Khaled Khaled album


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