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WATCH: Sway Dasafo shares uplifting new single ‘Reach Out’

Sway Dasafo shares uplifting new single 'Reach Out'After achieving UK national chart success with records ‘Still Speedin” and ‘Level Up’ in 2013, British born Ghanaian rapper and producer, Sway Dasafo decided to go behind the scenes and relaunch his own record label. In line with that, Sway Dasafo known as Sway, signed YouTube sensation, KSI, sync music champion Tiggs Da Author and Brit-Asian superstar, Arjun.

After achieving over half a billion streams with these artists and striking individual deals with Sony and Universal to advance their careers, the former, Akon protégé decided to take it one step further by setting up his own production company. Sway has been known for his unconventional and pioneering approaches towards music, and has had instrumental roles in the earlier careers of artists spanning from Ed Sheeran to Sarkodie. 2020 sees him returning back to the booth and mixing desk to bring you a series of new projects from himself as well as the producers and artists he has been developing for the past few years.

The first single ‘Reach Out’, is a song Sway wrote and produced during the lockdown period in London. In creating this song, Sway engages musicians and producers from across the globe via Zoom, FaceTime and WhatsApp, to bring you a new uplifting vibe that merges the influences of Hip-Hop, Afrobeat, classic Jazz and R&B. The London based music mogul quoted: ”The song was written during the lockdown period in London – at a time we felt restricted and isolated. Although my music had been speaking to millions through artists I had previously wrote with and produced for, I felt as though my own unique voice was no longer being heard and so I started the song with ”Hello is anybody here…”.

The rap pioneer also went on to say, ”There are producers and musicians that I frequently work with that needed encouragement during these times of so much uncertainty – ‘Reach Out’, is that message of hope and solidarity. I’m developing a production and now distribution platform with a focus of showcasing talent from Africa and so I feel it is important to lead with my own voice. I’m excited because I know the musical journey, I’m about to embark on will be like nothing I have ever experienced before. Having been out of the limelight for many years, I’m very aware that getting the attention of the masses isn’t an over-night process, but by God’s grace it will happen, as we have so much inspiration to share through our music”.

‘Reach Out’ is available on all platforms including Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Aftown, iTunes etc.


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