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Ghanaian rapper and performer Guru, known for his exorbitant and uproarious music videos once again visit your screens with a new vibe dubbed Problem.

Guru releases $18K 'Problem' music videoThe hiplife/hip-hop superstar and CEO of NKZ Music were spotted rocking his new hair style in the new video, dressed hilariously whiles dancing choreographically with hot ladies.

The ‘Problem’ music video, considering the location, costuming, concept and the amount X’Bills charged for directing the video may be estimated at 18,000 dollars a source disclosed.

Well, we can laud him for adding a lot of fun to the video, bringing an all-star concept together for his latest single, “Problem”

The video begins with an image pretty shot of a location in a house with a pool where a sexy lady emerged. A similar concept from DJ Khalid’s ‘I’m the One’ which was worked by the director of Guru’s ‘Problem.’

While you may be wondering what really the ‘Problem’ is, the video mainly focused on a lady with huge backsides! Yeah, that’s a huge problem guys, especially when she never stops jogging at any point on the road. such beauty.

Would there be an instance without dancers in Guru’s forthcoming videos? I doubt because these dance in almost all his videos add more value and meaning to his works. The dancers are a problem as well in the yet-to-be nominated ‘Problem’ music video.

I’m sure you may know by now I’m a huge fan of Guru’s videos. The add more life to his music and it’s pretty good he keeps it on point anytime. Let save you a long talk!

Watch ‘Problem’ in the video below!



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