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‘Voices for Justice’: Producer, T E M P O gives 1988 classic ‘Upheaval’ a new spin

‘Voices for Justice’: Producer, T E M P O gives ‘Upheaval’ spin to legendary song to fight societal ills.

Horace TempoWe all appreciate some nostalgia especially when it comes in the form of timeless music. Executive producer, Horace Tempo has served Africa an unforgettable gem on his high energy spin of ‘Upheaval‘ – the 1988 track by legendary Benin Republic’s, Nel Oliver.

‘Upheaval’ was originally recorded to support Nelson Mandela as he championed the fight against apartheid and racial segregation in South Africa. This new rendition of ‘Upheaval‘ by T E M P O draws from the spirit of the original as it seeks to address the different forms of injustices including racism and corruption that exist in our modern-day.

Horace TempoT E M P O is skyrocketing to new levels of success and his music career will undoubtedly exceed all expectations. T E M P O is certainly a producer you want to keep an eye on over the next couple of months and long into the future.


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