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Otuntu drops ‘Eye Wo’ Video Directed By Wanlov

Otuntu drops 'Eye Wo' Video Directed By WanlovVulnerable, Apologetic and Still Dazzling!

The Nungua native rarely has had time for apologies if you recall his days when he was famously hailed as the ‘worst rapper’. So it’s unnerving to hear him apologize to his God, on the title track ‘ Eye Wo’ his latest single released.

Otuntu’s unusual vulnerability elevates ‘Eye Wo’ to something more than just a tawdry reality show. And the song is full of Love & Hip-Hop­­­-styled revelations.

Released just today, there’s already been a wealth of Internet headlines when radio.radio.radio.radio.radio.radio.radio.radio.radio.radio.radio.radio.radio.radio.radio.netbuzzafrica.com first released the hint and also when his feature on Wanlov’s ‘Trotro Blues’ was reviewed. These activities have sprung from Eye Wo’s lyrical oeuvre.

“Eye Wo” talks about a rupture in his longtime friendship with life while taking shots at his former estate living without God. He also takes a dig at some suburbs in Accra, explicitly references the incident where his frustration from DC to Nungua led to the tidal competition of paying his tithe or cooking Jollof with the wealth earned.

Although he may have been selfish in the past according to the references he made in the song, ‘Eye Wo’ is that song to appreciate our maker.

Otuntu has long exulted in his reputation as the most interesting rapper in Ghanaian music with his hiplife and highlife inclined records and not forgetting his questionable lyrical dexterity.

The Wanlov directed music video was set in a location in Accra, along the shore and it’s simply amazing to watch him tacked in African prints to represent where he’s coming from.

Quite an interesting and thoughtful music video for your viewing pleasure. Have fun with Otuntu – Eye Wo (Official Video) below.

 DOWNLOAD: Otuntu – Eye Wo (Prod by Fidi)



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