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Esbee delivers hard-hitting Hip-Hop song ‘You No Fit’

Esbee delivers hard-hitting song You No FitEsbee releases a fierce brand new single titled ‘You No Fit’ after six years of abandoning music for greener pastures.

The rap artist brings her hardest flows and lyrics to impress on the hard-hitting production, courtesy of DredW.

DredW serves a hard 808 laiden trap production, with a gritty bounce. Laying the perfect foundation for Esbee’s to come and shine. ‘You No Fit’ has Esbee’s lyrical content on high display, from spiting about being the baddest girl to come through to no one else being on her level.

Esbee delivers hard-hitting song You No FitShe demonstrates a fair point and will be sure to keep you locked in from the moment you hit play.

Listen here.


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