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Dove Nicol’s debut single ‘Calm Down’ is a powerful introduction

Dove NicolDove Nicol, one of the most aspiring and interesting Ghanaian artists, premieres her first single, ‘Calm Down’. Dove Nicol is a part of a new generation of creative Ghanaian musicians. The composition of music is good enough to reach people’s hearts and souls. ‘’To be able to realize my full potential and give life to new ideas that transcend borders is an amazing feeling’’, expresses Dove.

There is a new generation of artists in Ghana ready to make their mark in 2021 and Dove Nicol is at the top of her game to make the most compelling music for the people of Ghana and other countries. Dove Nicol was born in Sierra Leone and her musical journey is rooted in Sierra Leone as well. Despite being new in the music scene in Ghana, she understands the wide range of perspectives and experiences in the music industry. In fact, she holds true to her exceptional and individual talent.

Dove NicolShe’s an aspiring artist whose life has always been inspired by music and sound. After all, she was raised by gospel singing parents. Her father was a choirmaster and decided to make music a part of her life at an early age. When she was 8, she was already performing at various school ceremonies and plays. By the time she turned 15, she had managed to save her school allowance and decided to record music at a local music studio.

At 25, she is wiser and more mature, and experienced in her music skills. Dove’s main focus is on different sounds, such as Afrobeat, Dancehall, Amapiano, Soul, and R&B. She has a collection of more than 30 unreleased tracks to her name.

Dove’s first single ‘Calm Down’ is a perfect representation of her persona, brand, and musical abilities.
With the launch of a new song, Dove Nicol also intends to become a fashion icon. Right now, she has plans to choose a selective host of projects in 2021 to make a mark in the Ghanaian music industry. In the modern age of music, where most singers heavily depend on tech tools, the Ghanaian singer stays true to her voice. Since the beginning of her career, she has continued to improve the foundation of her musical talents. That’s why she is confident to capture the interest of her fans with a more authentic and grounded approach.

Dove Nicol is all set to become one of the most streamed Ghanaian artists and her debut song ‘Calm Down’ is a powerful introduction. It showcases her authentic and hypnotic voice. She has a beautiful singing voice with memorable lyrics about relationships and love.

Dove Nicol - Calm Down

In essence, her new song has the trappings of a traditional song but feels modern at the same time. To materialize her idea, she linked up with her long-time producer and friend, Lexyz, who produced the track. What happened next? In less than an hour, this powerful anthem was composed.

The story behind the song brings a warm, playful and receptive feeling to the ear.
Dove Nicol’s new song will connect young people in Ghana through her love for music and her ability to innovate constantly. Her artistic expression bounds no limits and she shows that with her lyrical charm and delivery.



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