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Adetutu Voj – God Showed Up (Official Video)

Adetutu Voj – God Showed Up (Official Video)Adetutu Voj’s hit single, God Showed Up has an official video. The worshiper’s anthem which is also attributed to Jesus, a blend of Afro, jazz, and classic, with deep soul and a heartfelt rendition has been the on rotation for while…

The song connects you effortlessly into the throne room of grace, puts you in the mood of prayer and sterilizes your atmosphere. God showed up is a soul lifting urban worship single. It is a true story of God’s wondrous work in the singer’s life; when she thought things were over, He showed up.

I pray that as He showed up for me, He will also show up in each of your situations. Download, watch, be blessed and remember to share the video so others can also partake of the blessings.


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