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Falz ‘This Is Nigeria’ is the country’s viral version of the Childish Gambino hit

Falz 'This Is Nigeria' is the country's viral version of the Childish Gambino hitNigerian rapper Falz is getting accolades for his recent released version of Childish Gambino’s parody “This Is America.”

His version titled “This Is Nigeria” took the opportunity to stress on issues hindering progress in Nigeria’s economy. Although Falz expressed brilliantly his view of the current state of Nigeria, he also managed to switch out lyrics and imagery for social ills in his country exposing machete-wielding gangs, drug abuse, Internet scam, among others.

At around [1:47] minutes in the video, the unethical preachers used portrays the corrupt nature of pastors in the country. A young woman in a white garment surrounded by a small group of people praying for her. In previous songs, Falz has criticized religious figures for money-making through ridiculous schemes and he puts in a line on the issue in “This is Nigeria” saying “Pastor put his hand on the breast of his member, he is pulling the demon out…” adding that “This Is Nigeria, everybody be criminal.”

In April 2017, a Nigerian televangelist named Tim Omotoso was arrested and charged with trafficking more than 30 girls and women from various branches of his church, and allegedly sexually exploiting them.

Erratic electricity [1:51]
Falz also touched on the erratic electricity at [1:51], a major worry for most Nigerians while laying some emphasis on Nigeria’s problems with gun violence and police brutality.

Meanwhile, Ghana is yet to follow the craze but rapper M.anifest will not be the best artist to release Ghana’s version as he seem not to be interested in the whole viral vibe. Wanlov The Kubolor and Mensa are still considering the offer.

Check the amazing video dubbed “This Is Nigeria” below.