Sarkodie delivers brisk beats and cadences on Jamz album


With over five studio albums, a live album, over 28 music videos, and multiple mixtapes to his credit, Ghanaian rapper Sarkodie has released yet another compilation of Jamz for your listening entertainment!

Sarkodie breaks free with a lighthearted selection of sounds from R&B, Afrobeats, Amapiano, and Tropical pop on his 2022 album JAMZ.

He states that it is influenced by the latest Afrobeats movement and songs coming from Africa. “When the album was being made, I realized these are back-to-back, commercially successful albums that are playlist-type records; hence, this project incorporates all different types of jams in one.”

The Tema native uses his signature flows to celebrate the good things in life. He collaborates with artists like Black Sherif, Lojay, King Promise, Kranium, Cina Soul, Oxlade, BNXN, Inkboy, and Joeboy to add sultry hooks and contagious melodies to these songs. The music’s mood reflects that, he says, because “I’m in a space where I’m enjoying life, family, and spending time with people I cherish.”

Sarkodie asserts, “It’s like listening to the radio—it needs to make you happy. Let’s look at what the Sarkodie’s Jamz album tastes like, track by track.

“Labadi” (feat. King Promise)
Cancer is my zodiac sign, thus I enjoy being near water and find comfort when I hear the waves. I literally like life, therefore I take my family on vacations where we rent a boat and listen to music. That was the inspiration for “Labadi.” It’s one of the best places in Ghana; in fact, I was married there, and I adore the location. Because Coublon provided me the beat and I had just begun writing, this one is unique. I played him the first verse and hit him with a question about how he was feeling while performing it. He remarked, “Boat trip, all white, having fun,” and I had written just that.

“She Bad” (feat. Oxlade)
“I like melodies that make you feel something, so I gave GuiltyBeatz the melody I wanted with ‘She Bad.'” I like things with soul, so we started with a melody that was very calm, R&B-ish, and then we started adding drums to get that Amapiano vibe. Ox was the first option that came to mind, and he set the tone for this, particularly with the lyrics. I wrote my verses after listening to his chorus.

When I visited Skybar, one of my favorite places in Ghana, that is how I really loved Amapiano. I feel like that beat pulls out my inner rapper—I could rap for hours on that! The lyrics in this song are intended for the usual Sarkodie fan from the past, particularly Ghanaians who can relate to what I’m saying. I was speaking in smart and humorous ways. Just now, I was projecting myself to the previous Sark.

“One Million Cedis” (feat. Ink Boy)
At the time, Masterkraft was playing in Nigeria. I always pay attention to the production since it highlights anything I want to say or feel. The tones of this beat are really gloomy and give you a dictatorial feeling. I was listening to Ink’s tunes and thought, “This is what I want!” He agreed to join me, we had a good time, and he nailed that hook.

“Cougar” (feat. Lojay)
I’ve always been drawn to strong women that are very mature and independent, however it’s not usually older ladies. I often think a lot. I enjoy talking to people who understand me, whether it’s in a romantic relationship, a casual conversation, or a professional setting. My wife is like that; I refer to her as the living Google because she knows pretty much everything. She is quite intelligent and is aware of it, even if it is not in detail. That turns me on, therefore that’s how “Cougar” came to be.

“Forever” (feat. Kranium)
There are some places I want to be when I play this album, because I keep seeing them clearly while I do so. I got the impression that this was a “let’s run away” kind of mindset. You are traveling to a resort in Miami or Paris with your girlfriend.

“Over Me” (feat. Cina Soul)
In addition to the dynamic quicks and cadences, you may always ask me to play you some mood music. MOG sent me this record because he is aware of this and the style of rap I prefer. Since I was just having fun with the beat, nothing I say actually happens; it merely plays briefly. We felt amazing, and Cina is, in my opinion, one of Ghana’s best singers right now.

“Hips Don’t Lie” (feat. Joeboy)
Of course, she is really attractive. I suppose I now have a boss. Just naturally, my preferences for women come out. I’m drawn to confidence because I like it… According to Sarkodie, he fails to understand how anyone could not find it alluring.

“Country Side” (feat. Black Sherif)
Black Sherif has gone through a lot and is now in a place where he has succeeded. He is still feeling the shock of going from nothing to this. He arrived with that energy, which also whisked me back to that moment. Because it’s a feeling you’ll never forget—when things are going well, you actually become scared!—I like that he forced me to go back to the moment between being underneath and coming up for the first time. Even now, there are times when I have to pinch myself because everything seems too perfect to be true.

“Better Days” (feat. BNXN fka Buju)
To ensure that the fan base is well represented, I had to do this. It always goes over well with the core Sarkodie supporters when I talk about life and give them hope. They also constantly want me to rap, so I get into the zone while thinking back to how I used to think and how things are now.