Lil Win and Guru Collaborate on ‘Yeda Moase


Amid a triumphant movie premiere for his latest film, “Mr. President,” the multi-talented Kwadwo NKANSAH Lil Win is not taking a breather. Instead, he is treating his fans to an expression of gratitude through a heartfelt appreciation song.

This musical creation is aptly named “Yeda Moase,” a phrase that translates to “Thank You” in English. What makes this song even more special is Lil Win’s collaboration with the prolific hitmaker Guru NKZ and the production expertise of Ball J, “Beats.”

As Lil Win continues to captivate audiences with his cinematic endeavours, he’s also weaving a melodic narrative of appreciation, inviting listeners to join him in expressing gratitude through the soulful notes of “Yeda Moase.”